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Large Alocasia Zebrina - Elephants Ear

The alocasia zebrina owes its name to the unique – and eye-catching – yellow and black zebra print-esque markings found on its stems that contrast with its lush green leaves. This Plant doesnt like dry roots so keep the soil well watered. The alocasia zebrina will go dormant in the winter months, so don’t be alarmed if the leaves and stems die back to the soil – simply slow down with the watering, and position the plant in a warm spot where it will regrow as good as new come spring.

Your plant will be delivered in a 17cm pot with a minimum height of 75cm.

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Water Requirements Regular Water Requirement
Toxicity Not Pet Safe - Keep Out Of Reach
Light Requirements Happy In Shade
Pot Size 17 cm Pot
Air Purifying No

Other Names: Elephants Ear

Care: High

Watering: Regular

Humidity: Medium


Toxicity/Pet Safe: Toxic - Not Pet Safe

Feed: When Active Growing

Air Purifying Qualities: Yes

Height & Growth: Up to a Metre

Country Of Origin:Asia

A Bit About Alocasia Plants

The wonderful Alocasias really are a family of tropical superstars. Their spectacular leaves create a really show-stopping display making them an ideal house plant for an urban jungle pad.

These awesome plants are a true fan of moist and warm conditions. Making friends with your Alocasia house plant is vital – get to know what it’s telling you is a sure fire way to success with these large indoor plants. They will tell you when they’ve had too much water – just keep an eye out for droplets of a watery solution from its leaves – this is the process of guttation. Guttation is the exudation of the plants sap on the tips or edges of the leaves – this is the Alocasias way of telling you it would like a little less water next time.

Alocasias are thanked in their natural habitat – being nicknamed the ‘Elephant Ear Plant’ – it offers shelter for all sorts of critters and creatures under the canopy of the rainforest.

The Alocasia is a great plant for dreamers or lovers of symbolism. It is said to be the plant in the Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale. The Alocasia stands for seizing the opportunity – even when it’s a tricky plant to climb!