Spotlight on: Kalanchoes

In the world of houseplants, flowering kalanchoe (aka ‘Flaming Katy’) is having its moment in the spotlight, offering even more opportunity to add life and colour to your home. We talk to the experts at Always Kalanchoe (who represent the European breeders and growers of kalanchoes) to tell us why this colourful plant is back on trend, and we meet a Dutch Kalanchoe grower who shares his tips and expertise…


Colour is back!

Green has been on trend for a while, but flowering houseplants are making a comeback and Flaming Katy is one of the most colourful out there - available in an array of mood-boosting colours from vivid pinks, bright oranges and vibrant yellows through to creamy whites and pale pinks.

Flowering succulents are a cut above:

Succulents have been around for a while, but flowering succulents are a bit different and kalanchoes come in an impressive array of varieties from the colourful, double flowering or single flowering ‘Flaming Katy’ to the tall, majestic ‘Magic Bells’ or the impressive ‘Kalanchoe Dolly.’

They bloom for at least 10 weeks.

Whilst cut flowers can look impressive, they tend to last just couple of days, but flowering houseplants will keep giving you joy for longer. In fact, kalanchoes will stay in bloom for more than 10 weeks with little care required.

They’re an easy house guest:

Kalanchoes are great 'go away and leave them' plant as they need very little looking after - just a weekly water will do - perfect for first time plant parents or those with little time on their hands! Just pop them in a sunny spot and they will be happy.

They can help you sleep better!

Kalanchoes are night-time oxygenators, meaning they release oxygen at night which could help promote a deeper and more restful sleep.

They will live happily indoors or out:

Kalanchoes are houseplants, but in the summer months from mid-May to September when there is no risk of frost they will live happily outside too! Try popping a few Flaming Katy plants in pots on patios, balconies, or windowsills for an instant pop of colour.

They’re grown responsibly:

Not all plants are green in the same way. But Kalanchoe growers meet the strictest standards set by the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). This means they purify and recycle their water, they only use responsible methods for pest control and feeding, and they are working hard at reducing the use of peat in potting soil. You can find out more at



Box out: Meet the Kalanchoe Grower

“We grow kalanchoes all year round, which requires a greenhouse to protect the crop from frost and rain, and to maintain optimal growing temperatures. The growing process takes about 14 weeks, from cutting to finished plant, which are then packed and shipped across Europe. “What I love about Kalanchoe is how unique and diverse they are - the kalanchoe family has the world’s second largest diversity of flowering plants. Our commercial range alone included 13 species and more than 40 different varieties! “For me, growing kalanchoe is more than a career, it’s a passion. We are dedicated to finding beauty in nature and bringing this to customers through new, novel and beautiful plants.”

Rick van Luijk, a kalanchoe grower from Vilosa


For Kalanchoe plant advice and inspiration, go to Always Kalanchoe or follow @Alwayskalanchoe on Instagram.