When temperatures drop and days get shorter, you can keep your green thumb busy by gardening indoors with houseplants. There is a reason why it's truly on trend to bring houseplants into your home during autumn and winter to add colour or texture when everything starts to look a little dull outside. Why not dress up your window sill with a rich and bright orange or red toned house plant, together with some pumpkins or gourds just in time for Halloween. Halloween Decor doesn't always have to be spiders and spooky things! Bring in the feel of nature with seasonal house plants for your Spooky themed decorations in the home. Getting your existing houseplants ready for Autumn doesn't need to be a big deal. Remember the heating goes on so the air is drier - a little spritz every now and again does many house plants some good! With the central heating on it can dry out your plants leaves in the same way it does our skin - they just need a little moisturising. (No E45 or Nivea necessary!). Most house plants tend to go dormant in the Winter months too. This simply put is they need less as they are using less resources. Almost like a bear hybernating! Go easy on watering your house plants as this time of year plants are more prone to unwelcome friends - soggy pots and a warm atmosphere make the perfect breeding ground for our house plants little unwanted guests.