Do you feel that you are just not naturally ‘green-fingered’? Does every indoor potted plant seem to end up in a sorry state? Well panic not – you are in the right place and we will let you know the perfect indoor plants for your home or office. These three indoor plants are ideal for even the most neglectful owner.

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Peace Lily


This guy is awesome – he will literally tell you when he needs a drink! When your Peace Lily leaves start to droop, this is the perfect time to give them a drink. Within an hour or two they will be standing up tall and proud as if nothing ever happened.


The Spathiphyllum (The Peace Lily’s proper name) is happy in and should even thrive with the typical indoor temperature we usually enjoy. They don’t like a drafty spot though, so they make excellent statement plants within a room rather than in a hallway.


They do enjoy a light, bright spot – but will cope just fine in a shady corner. You’ll be gifted more flowers in a bright spot but their glossy leaves make this a fabulous foliage plant for a shady or dark spot.


Last but not least – the Peace Lily is resilient – a bug infestation or a few missed waterings and he will bounce back soon enough. Don’t over fuss it while it is recovering, he is good at generally sorting himself out. If you wipe down the leaves every now and again it’s likely that your Peace Lily will stay bug free.


Snake Plant


The Sansevieria family – or Snake Plant family are arguably the most agreeable plants to keep. They tolerate pretty much all light conditions –so if you have a shady spot or a bright spot they will be just fine.


They also survive draught really well – or perhaps we should we call it neglect! They like to dry out completely between waterings so this really does make a lazy plant-parents best friend.


You may notice that a Snake Plant doesn’t grow much and stays stagnant – that is because it isn’t in prime conditions. This is easily solved if you don’t want to home it elsewhere. On watering days leave it in a sunny spot while it’s lapping up the good stuff thus giving it a little time to sunbathe.


Spider Plant


The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) is considered one of the most easy plants to grow.


Not just that, but it is especially easy to propagate and make new baby spider plant babies. It throws out an air shoot and a small miniature version of the Mother plant begins to develop. These are often referred to as ‘offsets’ or ‘pups’. Leave it until it is fully formed and showing little roots and this is the perfect time to pot on. Some find it more successful to cut free of the Mother plant at this time, whereas others simply place the baby plant on new soil slightly weighted down (A little horse shoe shaped wire pushed over the baby plant will do perfectly as an anchor) – until the baby plants roots take a grip and then can be cut free from the Mother plant.


Like the Snake Plant, the Spider Plant likes to dry out between watering.


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