There is so much of nature’s vegetation that flourishes in a humid and low-light environment similar to the conditions found in most bathrooms.


Close your eyes for a moment and let your mind’s eye envision the canopy of the rainforest and of the flora growing at all different heights, many of which have set up camp under the overhang of the larger plants above them. The moisture is encapsulated in the lowest, most sheltered part of the forest with just an odd beam of light here or there.


These are the perfect plants for bathrooms. The fact that they have been nurtured, cross-bred and adapted by plant nurseries to improve their species for commercial markets and to help them cope with being homed as a house plant gives us a little more confidence and resilience against things like plant bugs and pests.


Aloe Vera


Say Aloe to my old friend! Aloe Vera is a must have in any home. The perfect homemade and natural remedy for burns, bites, small cuts & sunburns. You’ll be glad to have it on hand for its healing properties.


For an Aloe Vera plant to grow to its full potential and to regenerate regularly (which you may need in a family home with lots of scrapped knees!) it needs a sunny spot to live. So if your bathroom is lacking in light, a good alternative home is a kitchen window sill, above a sink for example for the best humidity, light and of course it is on hand for accidents too.


Boston Ferns


You usually don’t have to go far to see the conditions ferns like to live. Parks, woodland areas and moorland in the UK all have a comparable outdoor environment to that of a bathroom and you will often see some ferns & fronds growing wild.


Boston Ferns and other indoor ferns make great bathroom plants because they love low light and high humidity –a common bathroom atmosphere and an easy place to grow plants with very little work to do. It might sound a little mad but give it a little warm shower once in a while and it’ll love you all the more for it.


Spider Plants


Spider Plants love a good weekly watering in active growing season, but they also thrive in humid conditions. If they have a bright but indirect spot too you really have struck perfect conditions for your Spider Plant (Chlorophytum).




You may have had a Granny that had a Cast Iron plant as they were a very popular indoor plant going all the way back to the Victorian Era. Aspidistra plants are becoming more popular again as people realise that they are very tolerant and hardy- they are happiest when they are left to dry out completely between waterings. A robust indoor plant that’s pretty impossible to kill – they offer a simply elegant display of glossy deep green leaves.


Lucky Bamboo


The Bamboo Plant has completely its own agenda – it is quite happy growing aquaponically -  rooted in a simple vase, glass jar or bottle – simply put – a vase with a few pebbles in the base and topped up with water to ensure your bamboo plant stays hydrated. You don’t need to worry about light either –they are pretty resilient and can grow in most light conditions.


Peace Lily


The peace lily loves filtered light so think back to the rainforest (as we talked about above), and visualise the plants sitting underneath the trees enjoying the odd beam of light bouncing from tree to tree.  They have excellent air purifying qualities too, which is perfect for removing the chemicals left behind from bathroom sprays and cleaning products.


Chinese Evergreen


The fancy name for a Chinese Evergreen plant is Aglaonema (try saying that after a few drinks!). A lovely rewarding plant that stays healthy for considerable time. With so many different varieties available it is no surprise that so many people become addicted to collecting these indoor potted plants.




Orchid plants grow naturally in the tropical & humid environments of countries in South East Asia. Many house plant lovers find orchids impossible to keep and often complain of lost buds or drooping, yellowing leaves. The trick is to place it in a bright spot and if you love having really hot showers then even better – this humidity is just what an orchid loves the most. This is the perfect balance of moisture and light that orchids crave.


Making A Successful Indoor Plant Choice for Your Bathroom


There are many other house plants that make great plants for bathrooms – these favourite house plants above are a good place to start. However, if one of the above doesn’t tickle your fancy and you’re looking for a different indoor plant for your bathroom just remember the key conditions that your bathroom plant needs the next time you buy plants – high humidity and low light.