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Kalanchoe 'Dolly' *Not In Flower*

A new generation of Kalanchoe which brings these highly popular houseplants back into fashion! Kalanchoe ‘Dolly’ boasts fully double blooms, that are reminiscent of the frilly aquilegia flowers. A very vintage colour scheme of apple-green and apricot-pink petals make for an eye-catching display. The stunning blooms are borne above glossy dark green foliage.

Like all Kalanchoes, this is a reliable succulent as it is tough, adaptable, and very easy to grow. It makes a showy focal point for a bright sunny room, or even a patio table centrepiece during the summer months. When inside it should be in a room with temperature of 18C (65F) to 24C (75F). Avoid leaving in direct sunlight as this can scorch the plant. As it is a succulent it stores water inside its fleshy leaves, therefore do not over water as this can cause rot. Feed between March and September when it is in active growth.

Your plant will be delivered in a 14cm pot with an minimum height of 25cm.

Care Tip: These are part of the succulent family, go easy on watering!

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Water Requirements Low Water Requirement
Toxicity Not Pet Safe - Keep Out Of Reach
Light Requirements Happy In Light Or Shade
Pot Size 14 cm Pot
Air Purifying Yes

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe 'Dolly'

Common Names: flaming Katy, Christmas kalanchoe, florist kalanchoe, Madagascar widow's-thrill.

Origin: Madagascar

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About Your Order:

Pot Sizes Explained

Your plant will be delivered in a 14cm nursery pot. When ordering a plant for a decorative plant pot, please ensure the nursery pot is a couple of centimeters smaller that the decorative pot.

Unpacking Your Plant

When your plant is packed, the growers will ensure the plant is packed tightly to ensure they are protected during transit. Open the outer packing and you may find that some stems, vines or leaves need to be unfurled. Don't rush, transporting plants can be a little stressful for them so slowly tease apart over the coming days. Some loss of leaves is unavoidable, however all of our plants are sent in top health so will recover and regenerate accordingly with their species.

A Bit About Succulent Plants

Succulents get their name from the Latin word ‘Succus’ meaning juice or sap. Unlike most perennials, succulents thrive on a little healthy neglect! Succulent plants first cropped up in dry, desert conditions with long dry seasons so are very used to storing water for long periods of time.

More than 60 plant families include succulent plants. Succulents come in all shapes and sizes, pointy or round leaves, and in many colours from your typical greens through to purple, orange, red and yellow. Display a rainbow of succulents in your home for a little cheerful colour!

Succulents are often successful house plants as they are generally more pest resistant than foliage house plants.

If propagating plant babies is your thing, succulents are a must have indoor plant. Propagating succulents is considered a fun pastime as often it is simply done by snipping off (or save a fallen leaf!), allowing the wounded end to dry and callous over and then planting it in the soil. You can do this in the same pot for a fuller plant, or start new succulent plants to give to your friends and family.