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XL Cissus rhombifolia Ellen Dancia "Grape Ivy" - Hanging Planter

Your plant will be delivered in a 14cm pot.

This plant is displayed proudly within a hanging pot- with detatchable handles, you can display this hardy beauty on your side or hanging up high! They have 2 flowering seasons, one during the springtime of Fuzzy Green flowers, and the other during the summer time of blue-black berries.

This plant is very suspetible to root rot, so when water, please make sure that the water drains from the bottom, and it is not placed in stagnant water from bottom watering. The soil needs to be almost dry between waterings.

These stretch towards any light source, so you need to regularly prune and pinch this plant to make sure it doesn't become overgrown or lopsided- you could also rotate the hanging basket so it gets an equal amount of sun on all sides.

Did you know that they are not actually Ivy, but a grape plant instead?

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More Information
Water Requirements Regular Water Requirement
Toxicity Pet Safe
Light Requirements Happy With Some Light
Pot Size 14 cm Pot
Air Purifying Yes

Toxicity: Safe For Pets.

Origin: Tropical Africa, Arabia, India and Sri Lanka.

Common names: Grape Ivy, Ellen Danica, Oak Leaf Ivy, Venezuela Treebine.