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Clusia Rosea 'Princess'

Clusia rosea, the autograph tree, copey, cupey, balsam apple, pitch-apple, and Scotch attorney, is a tropical and sub-tropical plant species in the genus Clusia. The name Clusia major is sometimes misapplied to this species.

Your Plant will be delivered in a 12cm pot with an approximate height of 25cm.

Care Tip: Wipe the leaves regularly to keep the pores open and the leaves glossy.

Not Pet Safe

This plant is generally considered not safe for pets. The plant toxicity levels may cause gastrointestinal problems if consumed by your pet. If you choose to bring this house plant into your pets environment, please place out of reach on a shelf or counter. Please note that not all varieties of the same species may fall into the same level of toxicity. Browse our range of Pet safe plants here.

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Water Requirements Regular Water Requirement
Toxicity Not Pet Safe - Keep Out Of Reach
Light Requirements Happy In Light Or Shade
Pot Size 12 cm Pot
Air Purifying Yes

Botanical Name: Clusia Rosea 'Princess'

Common Names: autograph tree, copey, cupey, balsam apple, pitch-apple, and Scotch attorney

Origin: Austrailia, Tropical Asia & The Solomon Islands

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About Your Order:

Pot Sizes Explained

Your plant will be delivered in a 12cm nursery pot. When ordering a plant for a decorative plant pot, please ensure the nursery pot is a couple of centimeters smaller that the decorative pot.

Unpacking Your Plant

When your plant is packed, the growers will ensure the plant is packed tightly to ensure they are protected during transit. Open the outer packing and you may find that some stems, vines or leaves need to be unfurled. Don't rush, transporting plants can be a little stressful for them so slowly tease apart over the coming days. Some loss of leaves is unavoidable, however all of our plants are sent in top health so will recover and regenerate accordingly with their species.