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Sansevieria Moonshine - Snake Plant

The iconic Sansevieria Moonshine Snake Plant – a highly popular choice for homes, offices, restaurants and more. The elegant emerald green hues brushed gently onto beautiful upright leaves make it a timeless, versatile plant that will look excellent everywhere it goes.

Drought tolerant, easy to care for and air purifying – by taking care of this wonderfully happy snake plant, it will take care of you too by removing pollutants from the surrounding air!

Care Tip: To allow it to reach maximum growth potential, place in an area with bright indirect light.

Your plant will be delivered in a 9cm pot with an approximate height of 20cm.

Not Pet Safe

This plant is generally considered not safe for pets. The plant toxicity levels may cause gastrointestinal problems if consumed by your pet. If you choose to bring this house plant into your pets environment, please place out of reach on a shelf or counter. Please note that not all varieties of the same species may fall into the same level of toxicity. Browse our range of Pet safe plants here.

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More Information
Water Requirements Low Water Requirement
Toxicity Not Pet Safe - Keep Out Of Reach
Light Requirements Happy In Light Or Shade
Pot Size 9 cm Pot
Air Purifying Yes

Botanical Name: Sansevieria Trifasciata Moonshine

Common Names: Snake Plant

Origin: West Africa

Watering: Infrequently – twice a month of more than enough.

Light: Likes bright, indirect light but is tolerant of low-light conditions

Humidity: Indifferent - regular room humidity is fine

Feed: Twice a year in the Spring or Summer

Growth Rate: Average

Toxicity: Keep away from pets and children

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A Bit About Sansevieria Plants

Sansevieria are one of the most under-rated house plants, but once you have one you’ll soon become a collector! Their display is sculptured and interesting and each variety has it’s own unique pattern, colouring and shape.

There are many reasons why a Sansevieria make a must-have house plant. They are an air-purifying house plant with excellent re-oxygenating properties, furthermore, most other house plants release carbon dioxide at night in the absence of photosynthesis, the Sansevieria continue to produce oxygen all night long.

The Sansevieria plant is also known as the Snake plant, Mother In Laws Tongue and Devill’s Tongue. They are one of the easiest house plants to keep and if positioned right, the Snake Plant will produce regular new leaves that rise out of the soil and on flat leaf varieties, unfurl as they go.

The Snake plant comes from Africa, Madagascar and Southern Asia meaning they are used to arid climates and cope really well inside your home’s atmospheric conditions. They prefer a well lit area, but cope really well in low light conditions. You may notice significantly less new growth in low-light conditions, but their interesting designer shape still make it a great house plant to have.

Mother In Laws Tongue plants can go for long periods of time without water, so if you are a little forgetful with watering then a Sansevieria is the house plant for you!

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