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Senecio Rowleyanus - String of Pearls

String of Pearls likes a well draining soil and are draught tolerant - so if you forget to water your plants these lovely locks of pearls are for you.

Your Plant will be delivered in a 14cm pot.

Care Tip: Allow the plant to sit dormant in winter, limited water and a cooler spot will encourage flowering in Summer.

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Water Requirements Low Water Requirement
Toxicity Not Pet Safe - Keep Out Of Reach
Light Requirements Happy In Light Or Shade
Pot Size 14 cm Pot
Air Purifying Yes

Botanical Name: Senecio Rowleyanus

Common Names: String of Pearls, String of Beads, Pearls Plant

Origin: South Africa

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About Your Order:

Pot Sizes Explained

Your plant will be delivered in a 14cm nursery pot. When ordering a plant for a decorative plant pot, please ensure the nursery pot is a couple of centimeters smaller that the decorative pot.

Unpacking Your Plant

When your plant is packed, the growers will ensure the plant is packed tightly to ensure they are protected during transit. Open the outer packing and you may find that some stems, vines or leaves need to be unfurled. Don't rush, transporting plants can be a little stressful for them so slowly tease apart over the coming days. Some loss of leaves is unavoidable, however all of our plants are sent in top health so will recover and regenerate accordingly with their species.

A Bit About Senecio Plants

We’re often asked if Senecio plants are a succulent. Yes they are indeed, and belong to the family Asteraceae.

There are thousands of species of Senecio with a huge range of characteristics. Many Senecio plants are easy house plants to keep due to their drought tolerant nature. In other words, these house plants are ideal if you are a forgetful plant-parent!

Each senecio plant will produce a vibrant flower, often vivid colours of yellow, cerise, orange or purple.

The most common mistake with Senecio is over-watering – their fleshy leaves store water and many people have great success with Senecios by only watering them monthly – sometimes even longer. A little tip is to avoid watering when the leaves appear robust and full – you will learn to see when the individual leaves start to appear almost a little deflated.

There is a Senecio for every room and position – with a huge array of trailing varieties, upright plants and compact house plants there is sure to be one to suit your style.

Trendy trailing Senecio house plants are a frequent sight on Instagram and Facebook with lots of beautiful photos tagged with their common names of String of Bananas, String of Pearls & String of Tears.

A Bit About Succulent Plants

Succulents get their name from the Latin word ‘Succus’ meaning juice or sap. Unlike most perennials, succulents thrive on a little healthy neglect! Succulent plants first cropped up in dry, desert conditions with long dry seasons so are very used to storing water for long periods of time.

More than 60 plant families include succulent plants. Succulents come in all shapes and sizes, pointy or round leaves, and in many colours from your typical greens through to purple, orange, red and yellow. Display a rainbow of succulents in your home for a little cheerful colour!

Succulents are often successful house plants as they are generally more pest resistant than foliage house plants.

If propagating plant babies is your thing, succulents are a must have indoor plant. Propagating succulents is considered a fun pastime as often it is simply done by snipping off (or save a fallen leaf!), allowing the wounded end to dry and callous over and then planting it in the soil. You can do this in the same pot for a fuller plant, or start new succulent plants to give to your friends and family.