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Vriesea Tiffany - Flaming Sword

This unusual plant has a decorative spear-shaped Flower that rises up from the centre of the Foliage It is one of the many types of bromeliad and makes a wonderful house plant that will add an exotic touch to your home.

Your plant will be delivered in a 5.5cm pot with a minimum height of 20cm.

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More Information
Water Requirements Low Water Requirement
Toxicity Pet Safe
Light Requirements Happy In Shade
Pot Size 5 cm Pot
Plant Height 15 - 45 cm Height
Air Purifying No

Other Names: Flaming Sword

Care: Easy

Watering: Low

Humidity: Medium

Light: Indirect

Toxicity/Pet Safe: Not Toxic - Pet Safe

Feed: When Actively Growing 

Air Purifying Qualities: Yes

Height & Growth: Up To 85cm When Potted 

Country Of Origin: Venezuela