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Bonsai by Daiki Sato

Bonsai by Daiko Sato

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Master the art of growing healthy, robust, and gorgeous bonsai trees and unlock the therapeutic benefits of the ancient practice with this comprehensive guide to cultivating bonsai trees.

Have you ever laid eyes upon a magnificent bonsai tree and wondered if you could replicate that beauty in your own home and private space? Do you want to adopt a wholesome new hobby that will develop your gardening chops while helping you get rid of stress?

If yes, then you absolutely need to get your hands on this guide!

In this audiobook, Daiki Sato covers everything you need to need to know about bonsai trees to become a bonafide expert, from its history and modern practices to designing, growing, and successfully maintaining and attractive, well-kept bonsai trees.

Here's a small snippet of what you're going to learn in the definitive guide to growing bonsai:

  • The 5 basic styles of bonsai gardening and how to choose the style you want based on your preference and level of skill
  • The 3 essential bonsai growing styles that are perfect for beginners to get started with
  • The different types of trees that are great for bonsai gardening, and how to choose one best suitable for your lifestyle
  • A comprehensive list of all the necessary tools you're going to need if you want to cultivate robust bonsai trees without fuss or headaches
  • The 3 most important features to consider when choosing the perfect pot or container to house your bonsai tree
  • How to select the right soil and mix your own potting soil to cultivate your bonsai tree
  • Step-by-step instructions to wire and bend a bonsai tree with essential wiring tips to make it easier
  • And tons more!

Growing beautiful, healthy, and gorgeous bonsai trees is a skill anyone can learn, no matter your level of gardening skills or experience. Filled with insights and practical advice, this guide has all the information you need to create balance and liven up your living space with beautiful miniature trees.

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