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We love to see your plants in their new home. Show off your new plant on Instagram or Facebook - we feature the best photos!

Have A Question?

We’re here to help, if you have a question please email us at [email protected]

Plants Are Living Things

Shipping live plants doesn’t always go as perfectly as we’d like. If something isn’t quite right, please send us photographs and let us know straight away so that we can get it sorted. Please Note: Please contact us within 7 days. We do not refund or exchange if notified after 7 days of receipt. 

Delighted With Your Plants?

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What To Do If You Have A Problem:

  1. Take photographs of anything of concern. It is important for us to see the plant as a whole and any thing up close you may wish to ask us about. 
  2. Send your photos, along with your order number and a note regarding your concerns to [email protected] within 7 days of receipt.

We will investigate and come back to you within 3 working days. This gives us time to speak with overseas suppliers where necessary. 


Our Refund & Replacement Policy

Every plant delivered by us is grown in a professional and caring environment. Not only this, but each and every plant goes through two strict quality control checks, by the grower and by ourselves. We have worked hard to ensure each and every plant is stable and carefully set within your parcel to avoid damage on their road trip to you. The loss of the odd leaf in transit on a healthy plant should not generally be a cause for concern.

For plants with long trails and tendrils - we do all that we can to secure these in transit. We recommend allowing your plant time to relax and unravel itself if you find the trails tangled upon arrival. These guys need to time to chill out after their journey first to avoid handling damage at home. 

It is at our discretion if we require a plant to be returned first to qualify for a refund. We may provide a refund or replacement on the basis of photographic evidence by email, however there may be times that we require the product returned to us for analysis. Please do not dispose of your packaging until we have confirmed how your return, exchange and/or refund will be processed as each case is processed on individual merits. If you dispose of the packaging, you will be liable to provide any additional packaging materials to return the goods to us in the same condition as recieved. 

If we require a return we will send you a DPD return label via email. The parcel can then be taken to your local DPD drop off shop for return to us. 

We hope that you love our plants as much as we do, but if you find that your plants have arrived significantly damaged please contact us at [email protected] and we will do all we can to put things right.


Damaged Plants

If your plant arrives and it has been damaged in transit and will not recover, please let us know immediately by email to [email protected] and send photographs of any issues. Please take photographs before re-potting or pruning so that we can understand how your items have arrived to you. Please ensure you have contacted us within 7 days of receipt of your plant. We regretfully do not refund or replace if you have not contacted us within 7 days of the receipt of your plants due to the environmental factors that may affect the plant. 

Please note we do not refund or replace if an odd leaf is damaged or marked. This is an unfortunate infrequent consequence of shipping live plants. We do everything possible to avoid this, and have revised our packaging methods continuously to improve our success rate.


If You Have Changed Your Mind

We do not accept returns if you have changed your mind. The legal right to cancel because you have changed your mind does not apply to perishable goods including plants. 


Plant Listings 

We are advised of the plant varieties at the time of purchase between us and the growers. Every stock line recieved to us is listed with a current photograph of that batch, as well as the variety name as dictacted by the grower. We cannot be held responsibilty for any errors in variety name or care instructions as it is listed in good faith with the information provided to us by the growers. 


Returning Plants

We do not except returns unless by prior agreement after following the above communication including photographs.


Plant Sizes 

We ask for your understanding that all plant sizes are approximate due to each and every one having it's own personality. It is inevitable that there may be some variation in sizes and shapes to that of the example images and each plant. We do all that we can to ensure that your plant is at the very least the minimum to the size indicated on the product listing. Plant heights include the height of the brown pot.


Resolving Your Concerns

Every plant is different and has different requirements. For this reason we aim to resolve to your satisfaction, and will discuss with you if it is appropriate to replace, partially refund or fully refund depending on the issues raised.