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About Us



The team at houseplant.co.uk are passionate about bringing nature into everybody's home.

We believe that plants are good for the mind and the soul, and should be accessible to all. We know that not everybody has a lot of room or tons of time to be green-fingered - that is why we work so hard to bring quality products with excellent customer service so that you can order and enjoy plants in your home or work space that suit your lifestyle. 


Each and every one of us behind the scenes at the houseplant.co.uk headquarters are plant mad - everybody 'down tools' when there is a new delivery of plants in - we might be a little bonkers but we're like kids in a sweet shop and we can't wait to share our new plant finds with you. 


We hope to inspire your space and indulge your wellbeing. Our ethos is that everybody deserves a little more zen and it shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. 


At the heart of houseplant.co.uk there are a passionate plant-loving team who are committed to delivering the very best house plants to your door. 


Here at Houseplant.co.uk, our main mission is to supply beautiful plants to the nation - encouraging people to brighten up their home with new additions to their plant family.

Taking care of one’s mental wellbeing is extremely important because we strongly support the notion that plants make people happy!

We understand that the world isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but we know that we can play our part in spreading joy - there is no better feeling than receiving a carefully selected plant gift that represents you.

Plants and nature are a major part of our lives, and we completely understand how much these plants mean to our customers, even if you’re not so green-fingered.

So, whether you are looking for a small cup-cake sized baby plant - or Tot Pot as we call them, or for the largest Monstera Deliciosa, our wide range of plants are sure to meet anyone’s taste and space availability.

As you can probably tell from our catalogue, we are all absolutely plant-mad!

We have filled every possible nook and cranny that supply enough sunlight in our warehouse, collecting from the most unusual to the upmost classic plants to satisfy your plant-itch.

It is like our own personal Jungle in here - and we love every moment of it!

Although our roots are firmly within plants and Horticulture, our Team branch out and harbour some interesting facts and personal projects that you probably wouldn’t expect, including:


• A keen eye for Fishing,

• Building their own Greenhouse and Allotment,

• Self-published their own Children’s Book,

• Started working in business at the inspiring age of 21,

• Building an Avery for their 3 birds,

• When going on holiday, one Team member seeks out Flower and Plant shops wherever they go- even if they can’t bring any of the plants back home with them!

…you would never have guessed!


We welcome all plant parents, new and experienced, to our community by joining us on our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages @HousePlantcouk.